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RB: Get Account Comments

Fetching the comments written by a particular account.

Full, runnable src of Get Account Comments can be downloaded as part of: tutorials/ruby (or download just this tutorial:

Historically, applications that wanted to retrieve comments written by a particular account would use get_state. But this method has been scheduled for deprecation. So we’ll use a more supported approach in this tutorial using get_account_history.

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  1. Making the api call - Requesting account history
    1. Example api call - make the call in code
    2. Example api call using script - using our tutorial script
    3. Example Output - output from a successful call
  2. Comment Fields - Getting more detail than provided by account history.
  3. To Run - Running the example.

Making the api call


To request the latest comments by a particular author, we can use the get_account_history method:

api =

options = []
options << account_name
options << -1 # start
options << 1000 # limit

# This is optional, we can mask out all operations other than comment_operation.
operation_mask = 0x02 # comment_operation
options << (operation_mask & 0xFFFFFFFF) # operation_filter_low
options << ((operation_mask & 0xFFFFFFFF00000000) >> 32) # operation_filter_high

api.get_account_history(*options) do |history|
  history.each do |index, item|
    type, op = item.op
    next unless type == 'comment'
    next if op.parent_author.empty? # skip posts
    next if op.parent_author == account_name # skip replies to account

    # .
    # ... your code here
    # .

Notice, the above example request up to 1,000 operations from history, starting from the oldest. From these results, we iterate on each item in history to locate a) type of comment, and b) parent_author that do not match the account_name.

This example also shows how to mask out all but comment_operation. This is optional, but by providing this mask, the api response will only include posts and replies, reducing the bandwidth required to execute this api call.

Example api call

If we want to get the comments by user @lordvader …

api.get_account_history("lordvader") do |content| ...

Example api call using script

And to do the same with our tutorial script

ruby get_account_comments.rb lordvader

Example Output

From the example we get the following output from our script:

Reply to @darkunicorn in discussion: "5 EASY WAYS TO MAKE A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN SMILE TO YOU."
	body_length: 89 (19 words)
	replied at: 2016-07-28T22:07:06
	net_votes: 0
Reply to @michaellamden68 in discussion: "Black Knight Satellite-What's Your Opinion?"
	body_length: 88 (16 words)
	replied at: 2016-07-28T22:10:09
	net_votes: 2
Reply to @teamsteem in discussion: "I’ve invited my 708 Facebook friends to join Steemit (updated I invited 0 friends thanks to Facebook)"
	body_length: 112 (22 words)
	replied at: 2016-07-28T22:03:18, updated at: 2016-07-28T22:12:42, active at: 2016-07-28T22:12:42
	net_votes: 0

Comment fields

Comments in the results of get_account_history will only return the following fields:

In our example script, we want more detail than this, so for every comment, we call get_content to retrieve more detail. For a full explanation of the results provided by get_content, please refer to the tutorial: Get Post Details

To Run

First, set up your workstation using the steps provided in Getting Started. Then you can create and execute the script (or clone from this repository):

git clone
cd devportal/tutorials/ruby/09_get_account_comments
bundle install
ruby get_account_comments.rb <account-name>