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RB: Getting Started

To access the Hive blockchain using Ruby, install the Radiator gem: Full documentation on Radiator api methods are hosted on

Full, runnable src all tutorials can be download here:


The following is a minimal Gemfile for running .rb files in these examples.

Add gem 'radiator' to your Gemfile. Then install the gem:

bundle install

It is also possible to install radiator directly with gem:

gem install radiator

Then, to execute a script without a Gemfile, add to the top of your .rb files:

require 'radiator'

Then, use the ruby command with radiator specified:

ruby -r radiator myscript.rb


The tutorials on this site are available within this site’s repository. To get a copy, clone this repository, change directory to devportal/tutorials/ruby/01_blog_feed and do a bundle install to install the required local gems.

From there, you can see each of the .rb files referenced on this site, for example:

git clone
cd devportal/tutorials/ruby/01_blog_feed
bundle install


Most methods can be accessed by creating an instance of Radiator::Api. It is also possible to specify a different node by passing a url option.

Radiator also internally supports failover by specifying the failover_urls option.

To use the defaults:

api =

To override the url option:

api = '')

To override both url and failover_urls options:

options = {
  url: '',
  failover_urls: [
api =

Next Step

If you’d like to dive right into the first tutorial, have a look at: Blog Feed