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PHP: Get Post Details

This tutorial fetches the contents of a single post and explains all data related to that post.


In this tutorial, we will see how to get details from only one post with hive-php-lib. You can also find the result PHP file in the /resources/examples/getPostDetails.php file in hive-php-lib folder.

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Before start to code, don’t forget to read the PHP: Getting Started tutorial to see how to prepare your code for hive-php-lib. If you want a shortcut, just start your PHP file with:


/* Load Composer for autoload libs */
require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

/* Declase use statement to add Hive Condenser lib */
use Hive\PhpLib\Hive\Condenser as HiveCondenser;

/* Create config array and fill with settings */
$config = [
    "debug" => false,
    "disableSsl" => false,
    "heNode" => "",
    "hiveNode" =>"",

/* Instantiate Hive Condenser object */
$hiveApi = new HiveCondenser($config);


Now, use the getContent function. This function must have 2 arguments:

$tag = 'bambukah';
$permlink ='fun-with-diy-some-stuff';

$result = $api->getContent($tag, $limit);

Now, you have an array ($result) with all details from @bambukah/fun-with-diy-some-stuff post. To display them, just print_r():