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Forum/Market Bandwidth

How to interpret raw bandwidth data.


Please note, Bandwidth has been replaced by Resource Credits. This document is outdated and will remain in place to give historical context prior to HF20. Also see: RC Bandwidth System, 0.20.2 Release Notes, Developer Guide: Resource Credit System

We’re going over the various API calls needed to determine the remaining bandwidth available to a particular account. As mentioned in the HIVE Whitepaper:

Bandwidth used by an individual user should be measured over a suitably long period of time to allow that user to time-shift their usage. Users tend to login, do many things at once, then logout. This means that their bandwidth over a short period of time may appear much higher than if viewed over a longer period of time. If the time window is stretched too far, then the reserve ratio will not adjust fast enough to respond to short-term surges; conversely, if the window is too short then clustering usage will have too big of an impact on normal users.

Bandwidth is specific to each account and depends on account activity.


  1. Getting Account Bandwidth
  2. Dynamic Global Properties
  3. Account HIVE Power
  4. Calculate

Getting Account Bandwidth

curl -s --data '{

In this example, we got forum (blogging) average bandwidth of 7,525,646,416,619 with a lifetime bandwidth of 386,010,589,000,000.

Note, average_bandwidth is expressed as an integer with six decimal places represented. Divide by 1,000,000 in order to get the actual bytes of bandwidth, in this case: 7,525,646 bytes.

Dynamic Global Properties

To do the calculation, we need max_virtual_bandwidth and total_vesting_shares from the global properties, e.g.:

curl -s --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0", "method":"condenser_api.get_dynamic_global_properties", "params":[], "id":1}'
      "virtual_supply":"283443693.176 HIVE",
      "current_supply":"271786073.683 HIVE",
      "confidential_supply":"0.000 HIVE",
      "current_hbd_supply":"15504633.926 HBD",
      "confidential_hbd_supply":"0.000 HBD",
      "total_vesting_fund_hive":"193007548.472 HIVE",
      "total_vesting_shares":"391468555319.000697 VESTS",
      "total_reward_fund_hive":"0.000 HIVE",
      "pending_rewarded_vesting_shares":"382967391.274340 VESTS",
      "pending_rewarded_vesting_hive":"187173.234 HIVE",

Account HIVE Power

We also need to know how much the account has in HIVE Power from vesting_shares and received_vesting_shares:

curl -s --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0", "method":"condenser_api.get_accounts", "params":[["cheetah"]], "id":1}'
  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "result": [
      "id": 25796,
      "name": "cheetah",
      "owner": {
        "weight_threshold": 1,
        "account_auths": [],
        "key_auths": [["STM7yFmwPSKUP7FCV7Ut9Aev5cwfDzJZixcreS1U3ha36XG47ZpqT", 1]]
      "active": {
        "weight_threshold": 1,
        "account_auths": [],
        "key_auths": [["STM7yFmwPSKUP7FCV7Ut9Aev5cwfDzJZixcreS1U3ha36XG47ZpqT", 1]]
      "posting": {
        "weight_threshold": 1,
        "account_auths": [["anyx", 100]],
        "key_auths": [["STM5bicRFWhpxnwBymo2HHJv6mFLiaP6AwVVsFEnnVjVcqbvqzvFt", 100], ["STM7yFmwPSKUP7FCV7Ut9Aev5cwfDzJZixcreS1U3ha36XG47ZpqT", 100], ["STM8Jn23vNmBzVuDAgQeZzzR17LmruENmmZmv1ra53tbsBgYbJFwk", 100]]
      "memo_key": "STM7yFmwPSKUP7FCV7Ut9Aev5cwfDzJZixcreS1U3ha36XG47ZpqT",
      "json_metadata": "{\"profile\":{\"profile_image\":\"\",\"about\":\"I am a robot that automatically finds similar content. Check the website linked to on my blog to learn more about me!\",\"website\":\"\"}}",
      "posting_json_metadata": "{\"profile\":{\"profile_image\":\"\",\"about\":\"I am a robot that automatically finds similar content. Check the website linked to on my blog to learn more about me!\",\"website\":\"\"}}",
      "proxy": "anyx",
      "last_owner_update": "1970-01-01T00:00:00",
      "last_account_update": "2017-06-13T00:14:00",
      "created": "2016-07-17T08:47:18",
      "mined": true,
      "recovery_account": "steem",
      "last_account_recovery": "1970-01-01T00:00:00",
      "reset_account": "null",
      "comment_count": 0,
      "lifetime_vote_count": 0,
      "post_count": 708152,
      "can_vote": true,
      "voting_manabar": {
        "current_mana": "4023352886501",
        "last_update_time": 1604341680
      "downvote_manabar": {
        "current_mana": "1005838221624",
        "last_update_time": 1604341680
      "voting_power": 0,
      "balance": "0.893 HIVE",
      "savings_balance": "0.000 HIVE",
      "hbd_balance": "0.000 HBD",
      "hbd_seconds": "3928548",
      "hbd_seconds_last_update": "2020-11-02T18:28:39",
      "hbd_last_interest_payment": "2020-11-02T18:28:00",
      "savings_hbd_balance": "0.000 HBD",
      "savings_hbd_seconds": "0",
      "savings_hbd_seconds_last_update": "1970-01-01T00:00:00",
      "savings_hbd_last_interest_payment": "1970-01-01T00:00:00",
      "savings_withdraw_requests": 0,
      "reward_hbd_balance": "0.000 HBD",
      "reward_hive_balance": "0.000 HIVE",
      "reward_vesting_balance": "0.000000 VESTS",
      "reward_vesting_hive": "0.000 HIVE",
      "vesting_shares": "29.977557 VESTS",
      "delegated_vesting_shares": "0.000000 VESTS",
      "received_vesting_shares": "0.000000 VESTS",
      "vesting_withdraw_rate": "0.000000 VESTS",
      "post_voting_power": "29.977557 VESTS",
      "next_vesting_withdrawal": "1969-12-31T23:59:59",
      "withdrawn": "4023322908944",
      "to_withdraw": "4023322908944",
      "withdraw_routes": 1,
      "pending_transfers": 0,
      "curation_rewards": 170300,
      "posting_rewards": 77551038,
      "proxied_vsf_votes": ["57961386919580", "25638086327", 0, 0],
      "witnesses_voted_for": 0,
      "last_post": "2020-10-14T15:10:27",
      "last_root_post": "2020-10-14T00:00:03",
      "last_vote_time": "2020-10-14T15:10:24",
      "post_bandwidth": 10000,
      "pending_claimed_accounts": 0,
      "delayed_votes": [],
      "vesting_balance": "0.000 HIVE",
      "reputation": "942693160055713",
      "transfer_history": [],
      "market_history": [],
      "post_history": [],
      "vote_history": [],
      "other_history": [],
      "witness_votes": [],
      "tags_usage": [],
      "guest_bloggers": []
  "id": 1


Now, we can derive bandwidth_allocated:

bandwidth_allocated = max_virtual_bandwidth * (vesting_shares + received_vesting_shares) / total_vesting_shares

bandwidth_allocated = bandwidth_allocated / 1000000

In our example, bandwidth_allocated = 14034118993.

Now that we have both bandwidth_allocated and average_bandwidth, we can determine the percentages.

First, we need average_bandwidth on the same scale as bandwidth_allocated:

average_bandwidth = average_bandwidth / 1000000

Then we can get the percentages:

bandwidth_used = 100 * average_bandwidth / bandwidth_allocated

bandwidth_remaining = 100 - (100 * average_bandwidth / bandwidth_allocated)

We can see that cheetah has used 0.053 % bandwidth and has 99.946 % remaining as of last_bandwidth_update.